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Cheltenham’s Ultimate Gin School Experience

Pistons Distillery

Head back to class in 2024 as Piston Distillery, renowned for its precision-crafted spirits, invites you to its newest immersive experience: The Piston Gin School.

Nestled in the heart of Cheltenham, this three-hour adventure into the world of gin-making, is perfect for couples and groups. Taking place at Piston Distillery’s HQ, visitors are treated to a sensory journey as they find themselves surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of a real working distillery.

Welcoming gin enthusiasts and novices alike, this innovative gin experience promises to ignite a passion for spirits and distillation as guests embark on a masterclass to create their own bespoke bottle of gin.

On arrival at Piston Distillery HQ, located at Bamfurlong Industrial Park, Staverton, Gin School participants will be surrounded by an array of amazing collectibles, from classic and modern cars, to props and costumes from famous films. A dedicated distiller greets participants with a signature Piston London Dry Gin and Tonic, setting the tone for an afternoon of experimentation. Then, it’s off to the Gin School where a room of exquisite copper stills and workstations await, ready for participants to craft their bespoke creations.

Guests are guided through the rich history and heritage of gin by their distiller, teaching them to master the intricacies of distillation along the way. The experience unfolds through a series of hands-on activities, guided by the experts, in which guests are given all of the building blocks to craft their own unique recipes. With over 75 premium ingredients to trial, participants can hand-pick and fine tune the botanical flavours that will make up their very own bespoke bottle of gin. From classic juniper and zesty citrus flavours, to more obscure notes, such as chilli, marshmallow leaf and even seaweed, the possibilities are almost endless!

Feeling like a true alchemist, participants will complete the process by bottling their unique creations, coining a name for them, and stamping the bottle with a custom Piston Distillery label. As guests graduate from the Gin School, they can raise a toast to their newfound expertise and sample the fruits of their labour with the first full glass of their own concoction. The rest of the bottle can be taken home and shared with their nearest and dearest.

The Piston Gin School offers an intimate experience for pairs and groups that operate in workshop sizes of twelve to twenty, ensuring a relaxed and intimate atmosphere from start to finish. A delicious cheeseboard for each pair is provided throughout the experience.

Whether celebrating a special occasion, or simply seeking a memorable adventure, Piston Distillery’s Gin School promises an unforgettable journey into the art of distillation.

Founded in 2018, Piston Distillery has become known for its precision-crafted spirits, marrying elegant automotive craftmanship with the rich flavours and aromas of artisanal spirits. From the satisfying whirr of their signature bottle lids, to the classic industrial shape of the bottles themselves, meticulous attention to detail is show in every element of their product, reflecting their commitment to excellence.

Don’t miss your chance to discover the thrill of distillation, and to embark on the ultimate gin-making adventure with Piston Distillery’s Gin School. Sessions run on Saturdays from 3pm – 6pm, and costs £150 per pair.

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9 May 2024

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