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Kodama Sculptures coming to Puzzlewood

Kodama Sculptures coming to

Everyday is magical at Puzzlewood, but this summer something unusual is making its way to the intriguing woodland - ‘Kodama.’
Puzzlewood is delighted to host world-renowned artist, Ed Elliott’s latest sculptural work, ‘Kodama,’ featuring over 100 newly created, and never-before-seen, sculptures.
Found in Japanese folklore, Kodama are tree spirits that inhabit trees. It’s also the term used to denote a tree in which a Kodama resides. As one of the world’s incredibly rare temperate rainforests, Puzzlewood’s otherworldly landscape is the perfect backdrop to Elliott’s art.
‘The sculptures have a real presence amongst the trees and rare plants that is hard to put into words,
” said Ed.
Puzzlewood has always been a source of wonder and inspiration over the centuries, especially for storytellers and filmmakers, but this is the first time the art has been so uniquely incorporated into the wood itself. Elliott masterfully positions each little sprite into just the right bend of tree root, or cloak of moss to make the visitor feel there are wood spirits everywhere.
The installation will open to the public on 5 June and run until July. With Elliotts’ work exhibiting widely across the UK and abroad, and the number of visitors limited to protect the woodland, this unique installation is expected to sell out quickly. Visitors are encouraged to book their tickets online in advance. All works of art will be on sale for those who want to take a bit of magic home with them.

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21 May 2024

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