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A message from Cafe Rene: "Calling all Zombies!!"

A message from Cafe Rene: "Calling all Zombies!!"

Café Rene is taking Halloween deadly serious this year as they set out to prove that it’s not just children that can have a bit of fun on Saturday 30 October.

The Renegade crew will be recruiting as many zombies as possible and with the help of make-up artists, prop makers, technical engineers and a cameraman they intend to put Gloucester on the map. 

At 2pm the team will be instigating a Zombie walk through Gloucester City Centre and everyone is welcome to join in, (kids and dogs included).

Later at 8pm, a hardcore group of dedicated zombies will be performing their well-rehearsed re-take of the iconic Michael Jackson video ‘Thriller’.

This historic event will be filmed in the Courtyard/graveyard opposite The Café Rene at Greyfriars by Joe Banyard of Live@GloucesterStudios. It will then be edited and professionally mastered in time with the original song and made available for all to see. 

Not only will the whole day be great fun the team will be raising money for Sue Ryder and The Alzheimer's Society.

If you want to join in there are various options:

  1. Join the Zombie walk at 2pm follow the link below to get involved
  2. Get really serious in a Strictly Come Dancing Zombies fashion and join the team at 6.30pm on Monday evenings at Café Rene to learn the dance routine so you look great for the video.
  3. Get dressed up and lurk around in the background of the video looking gruesome.

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1 October 2010

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