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ACTIVITY REVIEW: Forest Segways at Go Ape in the Forest of Dean

ACTIVITY REVIEW Forest Segways at Go Ape in the Forest of Dean

There's so much to do in the Forest of Dean that it's fast becoming like a big adventure playground for the whole family. During a recent short break at Whitemead Forest Park in the Forest we took the opportunity to have a go on a Forest Segway at Go Ape, the UK’s No. 1 forest adventure.

Located at the picturesque Mallards Pike in the Forest of Dean, Go Ape is in a great location, easy to find and a good base for a day out.

On arrival we filled in the paperwork and after our safety talk and instruction our group of six was allowed to practice on a short course before setting off into the Forest. (The experience is open to everyone who is both over 7 stone and 10 years of age). Our instructor, Martin made sure that we were all confident before we set off. I can honestly say that the worst part of the whole experience is the first time you step up onto the two-wheeled battery powered vehicle. After a bit of a wobble you realise that the self-balancing all terrain Segway is safer and easier to ride than you think. Once we were all confident we set off (in training mode) on one of the trails through the forest. After a short distance we were asked if we were happy to continue with a full refund offered if the experience wasn't for you. That’s one of the great things about Go Ape – if you’re apprehensive about any of the experiences they offer you can get a full refund and not continue.  However, at this point we were all excited and eager to get going, so there were to be no refunds for our group.

We continued into the Forest all quite happily. This is when Martin decided it was time to notch it up a gear and took us all out of training mode so we could go a bit faster (about 10.5mph max). There was no stopping us - it was excellent fun and a great way to see the forest. There were no accidents within our group and the sun even shone for us after a slightly dodgy start to the day. So if its forest adventure you're after you need look no further than the activities on offer at Go Ape. 

If you've got a head for heights then swinging through the trees on the high wires may be the exhilarating experience you're after. Either way you can take advantage of Explore Gloucestershire's special offers.

Explore Gloucestershire
14 May 2015

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