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'FEARLESS' Art installation at Puzzlewood

'FEARLESS' Art installation at Puzzlewood

Paul Frank Wagner is a World-renowned conceptual artist raised in New York City and based out of Paris. His art is strongly influenced by the Minimalism and Conceptual Art movements of the 1960’s who uses rope as his main material aims to promote a revolutionary form of art.

Most recently, Paul’s work has been about exploring the collaborative process and the concept that nothing exists in isolation of itself. This is why Paul has enhanced the installation phase by incorporating the work and input of others. For example, in his last installation in Oman, he hung the drawings that he did with local children to his installation, so that when the drawings moved in the wind, it added a dimension of movement and sound to his Work.

With this installation, “FEARLESS”, Paul has partnered with the Art Department of Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Boys to involve the children in the creative process by transforming the Conceptual Art into a Performance conducted by multiple parties within the natural landscape of Puzzlewood, with ropes and a Star-shaped frame.
“FEARLESS” begins as a very different Work given that the metal frame is shaped as a Star, as opposed to the traditional square-shaped frame. The square-shaped frame represents the all-encompassing nature of Art and its non-limitation to the frame, using the environment to draw the viewer’s attention away from the frame and capturing him/ her in the moment.

FEARLESS is a very personal work. Here the Artist is exploring the limitations set forth by our fears and breaking the comfort zone or “mold” with the use of “the Star”. It is also the interpretation of a recent dream whereby the Artist shoots into space by overcoming his fear of falling and merging with the universe.

With this Installation, the Artist is exploring the thoughts and feelings that bind us to the human experience and the limitations that we cast on ourselves with the illusion of making us more “Human”.

Paul will have the boys act out a series of dramatic play to intensify the performance at night and make it their own, performing a series of movements with the ropes. In addition, the Artist will add a layer of sounds of the animals in the forest to compliment the work and enhance the creative experience for the children.

As with all his installations done in nature, every step will be taken to respect and not to intrude with the natural environment and the trees will only be used to attach the ropes during the time of the installation.

Come experience FEARLESS for yourself at Puzzlewood. The Installation Performance with the children from Monmouth School will be on Saturday, February 28 starting 1:30pm-3:00pm.

The installation will be on display to the public until March 21, 2015.

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26 February 2015

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