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Bushcraft & Foraging Holiday Experience Launch

Notgrove Holidays glamping pods

Notgrove Holidays is delighted to announce the launch of a new all-inclusive holiday experience. Their Bushcraft and Foraging Holiday is now open for bookings for June 2021.  

As recently highlighted by popular TV series, Countryfile, and through people such as Bear Grylls, foraging and bushcraft are becoming more and more popular with people wanting to know how to forage for food and how to survive a night or two in the great outdoors without modern aids such as tents and matches.

In partnership with experts, Rob Gould, Stu Cook and Rosie Mockford, Notgrove Holidays has created a two day and thre- night Bushcraft and Foraging holiday experience with the aim for guests to go home with a refreshed look on the natural world that surrounds them, whether in terms of how they choose to interact with it on a daily basis, or of how their activities and interactions whilst outside impact on both themselves and nature. The skills you obtain over this two-day course, even if you choose to never make use of them again, will hopefully make you feel more comfortable and in tune with the outdoors, and make you appreciate even more the time you get to spend there.

Over the course of your stay, three expert instructors will introduce you to a range of different outdoor skills, although focusing particularly on foraging, bushcraft, greenwood carving and outdoor cooking.

Set on the idyllic 1,500 acre private Notgrove Estate in the beautiful Cotswold countryside, it’s the perfect place to learn about harvesting your own edible wild foods, plus how to enhance your outdoor experiences with self-made tools and equipment, which you can then utilise for outdoor cooking and camping, or just everyday life.

The two day and three-night experience is suitable for people with all levels of foraging, bushcraft, and greenwood carving ability and will be adapted to suit the skill levels of every attendee. Things which will be discussed and taught are listed below, but many more topics will undoubtedly be covered:  

  • Learn how to safely gather your own wild ingredients
  • Expert guidance from a renowned forager
  • Wild game preparation & cookery over real outdoor fires
  • Knife safety & knife techniques, for bushcraft and carving
  • Natural shelters and selecting a camp location
  • Make your own butter knife, spatula or spoon Time to enjoy the local scenery, immerse yourself in nature and get away from the stresses of life

all to be enjoyed while staying in idyllic Cotswold countryside in Notgrove Holidays cosy glamping pods and being fully catered for.

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28 April 2021

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