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Mammoths and More at Corinium Museum

Attenborough and The Mammoth Graveyard

Festival of Archaeology is coming to the Corinium Museum from 16-31 July.

Corinium Museum is celebrating its archaeological past with a series of events for the national CBA Festival of Archaeology, which runs from 16 to 31 July.

With town walks exploring the Roman and Civil War periods, highlight tours of Corinium’s stunning mosaic collection, handling tables, tours of the stores and a mini dig pit for children, there is something for everyone during this year’s festival.  

Corinium Museum welcomes mammoth hunters, Dr Neville and Sally Hollingworth for a special talk on Thursday 28 July, 7-9.30pm.  Sally and Neville unearthed a mammoth graveyard in Cerney Wick and will share more about the incredible Ice Age mammoth discoveries as well as their experience filming with Sir David Attenborough for the BBC documentary “Attenborough and The Mammoth Graveyard.”

To find out more about our Festival of Archaeology events this July visit the Corinium Museum website below.

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11 July 2022

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