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Sudeley Castle Cotswolds

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British Lion Props Up Farming, Phil Vickery & Adam Henson

Adam Henson and Phil Vickery at Cotswold Farm Park in the Cotswolds

Gloucestershire’s renowned Raging Bull, Phil Vickery, stars next to Countryfile TV presenter Adam Henson in an exciting special guest edition of Adam Henson’s Farm Diaries (Youtube).
Best known as a true legend of British Rugby Union, Phil Vickery is given an exclusive tour of Cotswold Farm Park (Guiting Power) by Adam Henson and has the chance to meet the popular visitor attraction’s legendary three county breeds.
Throughout the near to 40 minutes candid video, audiences have an exclusive glimpse at the two stars’ friendship, learn about their countryside upbringings and discover their shared views towards British farming and food provenance.
Within minutes of the two setting off on the attraction’s Rare Breed Walkway, the audience will see Phil turn to Adam and openly share what British farming means to him.
“For me, food, farming and rugby are all the same thing, because when I started playing rugby down in Bude in North Cornwall, where my family farm is, pretty much everyone at the rugby club had something to do with farming.”
Having been a professional sportsman, Phil reveals his connection with food and nutrition.
“I know I'm not a professional sportsman anymore and I don't want to be, but I know the biggest impact that I can have on my wellbeing and my body is what I put in me…I just think that's the biggest impact I know and I'm in complete control of that and I'm bloody passionate about it.”
Throughout the feature, Adam Henson continues to investigate what it’s like being a global rugby star, Celebrity Master Chef winner, Raging Bull’s founder and restaurant owner of No.3 (Cheltenham) for viewers to enjoy.
The special episode is available now on Cotswold Farm Park’s YouTube channel for viewers to follow the two behind the scenes, listen to their stories and learn about Gloucestershire’s three rare breeds of farm animal.

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8 August 2022

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