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The Lido near Sandford Park in Cheltenham

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Join the Corinium Volunteer Makers!

Corinium Volunteer Makers

The Corinium Museum is inviting people to become ‘Corinium Volunteer Makers’ by signing up to a new online volunteering platform
The Corinium Volunteer Makers website provides an opportunity for anyone with a passion or interest in museums and volunteering to support the Corinium Museum and get involved. Volunteers can accept challenges that range from ‘just a minute’ to ‘regular help’. The challenges include everything from liking the Corinium Museum Facebook page to helping care for the collections, or even maintaining the Roman Garden.
The museum is aiming to take part in the recent technology trend in volunteering from home. A busy life, squeezed incomes and unsociable working hours make it hard for people to volunteer in their communities. But with this new online tool it will be possible to volunteer your time from the comfort of your sofa. 
Amanda Hart, Museum Director, said: “We recognise that not everyone has the time to volunteer, however many people would like to support us, and this new volunteer platform enables people to give a little back to us at a time and a place that suits them. We are also keen to see a range of ages volunteering and this option makes it possible for everyone to get involved and support their local museum”.
The Volunteer Makers Platform has been designed by Volunteer Makers to help organisations in the voluntary sector manage, grow and engage their volunteer community.
Claire Sully, Programme Director - Volunteer Makers, said: “It's exciting to see Corinium Museum using digital to inspire their volunteers through what is termed Micro Volunteering, using our Volunteer Makers app. Like other significant digital innovations such as social media or crowd-funding micro-volunteering is being seen by many as a very important technology trend for 2017.   Corinium Museum are a champion of digital engagement and this is another example of that”.
To join the Corinium Volunteer Makers simply go to the website and sign up, you can then browse a selection of challenges and become part of the volunteering community.

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26 January 2017

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